[CooL GuY] {{a2zRG}}

We crave feelings that bring misery, why is that?

We crave interaction and intimacy but it is the very thing that causes tremendous pain. We seek riches and riches and riches but why?

To survive?

No. To be seen?

Maybe. To find a mate?

Maybe.To live an above comfortable life?

Definitely, But why?

Competition is the thing that created and broke civilizations. We’re in constant competition with ourselves and whoever we feel is a threat to our survival or “success” rather. We become so involved and obsessed in obtaining these THINGS that will (because we believe this is guaranteed) make our lives better. We seek the bigger and better to the point that we don’t even bother studying ourselves and the things around us because we’re constantly searching, hustling, taking and doing.

Everyday I have to explain to me peers and parents why I don’t want to turn my music into a career. Well it’s because I might become obsessed with capitalizing my truest form of expression. At least one aspect of my life should be left personal and solely reproductive. I might love what comes from my music more than the music itself. Then my expression becomes a competition which was never the point.

Life is an interesting experience maan, how is your journey?


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